Lots of students tell me their teachers want them to explain or elaborate more in the SEQ or SRQ section, but they have no clue exactly how to do it.

I thought I’d show you the process to bring your SEQ/SRQ answer from ‘blah’ to awesome, without writing more than necessary.

If you’re taking the ‘O’ level SS Papers:

this post may be helpful to you.

For students taking the ‘O’ levels in 2016, this process applies to the 10-mark Social Studies SEQ:

1) Explain two other principles that ensure good governance in Singapore. Which do you think is more important? [10]

For students taking the ‘O’ levels in 2017 and beyond, it applies to 7-mark and 8-mark Structured Response Questions (SRQs), like these:

2) Extract 1 states how guiding principles are important in the governance of a country.

In your opinion, which guiding principles help ensure good governance? Explain your answer using two principles. [7]

3) Extract 2 and Extract 3 reflect on the ideas of ‘anticipating change and staying relevant’ and ‘having good leadership’ shape governance in Singapore.

Do you think that ‘anticipating change and staying relevant’ has a more important role to play than ‘having good leadership’ in shaping governance in Singapore? Explain your answer. [8]

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