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A proven online coaching program in Singapore that helps secondary school students jump at least 1 grade (or go from fail to pass) within months

Read on if your child is:

Disappointed that he/she keeps getting low scores for Social Studies and/or History

Hardworking but can’t figure out what’s wrong

A ‘last-minute mugger’

Keen to improve, but doesn’t know how or isn’t sure he/she has the discipline to study consistently

Too busy for yet another tuition class

Not keen to travel to group tuition classes

A great History/Social Studies grade can make the difference between your child getting:

• into a dream polytechnic course/junior college,

• dream subject combination

• or… settling for less.

Why I can help you

I’m Mrs Karen Goh, an NIE-trained tutor with 7 years of teaching experience at MOE secondary schools (2005/2006 to 2012).

At the most recent ‘O’ levels, all but one my students achieved distinctions (A1/A2) for their Combined Humanities. The one who didn’t got from F9 to B4 within about 4 months, and I’m just as proud of him.

It’s no ‘stroke of luck’. I use a proven system. Every single year, for the past 10 years, 80% to 100% of the students I’ve coached privately get distinctions at the ‘O’ levels. Most of them come to me with a fail or borderline pass grade.

You see, when I was a student at Dunman High School and Hwa Chong Junior College, I learnt study hacks which helped me do well at the national exams despite not cramming as much my classmates.

When I became a teacher, I strove to impart those skills to my students. Over time, I developed a simple and doable system to help my students improve their Social Studies and History grades in a shorter, easier and more painless way.

Zhencong’s Story

One of my students, Zhencong, consistently failed History Elective in Sec 3.
His mom emailed me when he was in Sec 4, saying:


So we worked together for 4 months, until he sat for his ‘O’ levels. How did he do?

Zhencong went from E8 to A2 within 4 months

You know what’s the most awesome thing?

The online coaching program Zhencong went through took him 30% to 50% less time per week than in-person tuition.

He had the flexibility to maximise his revision in the least amount of time, because he had so many other subjects, CCA and family commitments to take care of.

His mom did not need to work around the tutor’s schedule or pay expensive hourly rates ($80/hr to $100/hr for experienced MOE teachers) for him/her to come to their home.

There aren’t many tutors in Singapore willing to offer this option, as they usually end up spending more time on each student than in-person methods.

But I’m offering it because I believe an educator should work around your child’s needs, and not the other way round.

More importantly, as a parent myself, it breaks my heart to hear a child say, ‘I am just not smart enough’, or ‘I’m just too slow/stupid’. I know that is not true.

I believe every child has the ability to master Social Studies and History if they follow my system.

And you know what? This system works for all levels, whether your child is in a mainstream secondary school or in the Integrated Program (IP).

Bryan’s Story

Meet one of my students, Bryan, who is in the Integrated Program.

He struggled with low scores in Social Studies, even though he had strong language skills and had put in hours to self-study. He is intelligent and eloquent, but was not getting the high scores he wanted for some reason.

After 4 months of us working together online, he managed to jump 4 grades from C6 to A2:

Karen provides both content input as well as hands-on practices on the answering techniques for both SBQs and essays. She leverages on technology to facilitate the submission of work and provide timely feedback. This flexibility is so useful to students who may have the need but yet find it difficult to commit to fixed time slots for additional classes.”

Mdm Ng, Bryan’s mum

How do my students improve so painlessly and quickly?

Three things:

  1. Draw up a revision plan (which I customise for each student, after a phone discussion and poring through the school’s History/Social Studies Scheme of Work or Teaching Plan).
  2. My student completes the weekly assignments which I’ve set up, plus corrections.
  3. I give very specific feedback, so he/she knows exactly how to improve future answers.

Example of a History and Social Studies Mojo Revision Plan

Example of a student’s answer and corrections, with my feedback in red and pink

If so many of my students can do it, I believe your child can too.

Imagine what would it be like if

your child, whom you believe in and love more than anything in this world, didn’t feel frazzled, lost and stupid, but calm, confident and smart?

you could banish his/her fear of failing again and again?

your child could take a look at a Social Studies or History source, understand it within minutes, write less than other students, and score top marks?

your child could look at an essay or structured response question, and immediately know what words the exam marker is looking for?

The History and Social Studies Mojo online coaching programme can help your child get there.


Are there any other options, though? Of course.

Option 1

A qualified ex-MOE or current MOE teacher to be your home tutor, costs about $480 to $600 per month

This may be an option for students who prefer someone to sit beside them, watch them complete the work and guide them along (provided it’s within your budget).

Option 2

Group classes at tuition centres, $180 to $350 per month

Your child will spend about 3 hours a week travelling, attending class, doing homework, and you’ll need to work around the centre’s schedule with limited or no make up classes in case your child can’t make it for any lesson.

I’ve taught group classes before, but I prefer to give each student my undivided attention.

But what if there was an easier, shorter and more painless option that involves:

No travelling

No scheduling nightmares with tutors

Your child spending only 30 minutes to 1 hour on average each week on practices

Your child’s History and Social Studies results jumping by at least 1 grade (or pass) within months?

Then the History and Social Studies Mojo online programme is for you.

Enrol Now

As we get quite a number of sign up requests, please allow us 2 to 3 days to confirm your enrolment.
If we happen to be fully booked, we’ll place you on a wait list and inform you once a slot gets freed up.


Try it at NO RISK.

I offer a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the programme, email me within 30 days, show me that you’ve completed all the assigned work and I will issue a quibble-free full refund.

By purchasing this product, you are deemed to have read and agreed to our Online Coaching Terms & Conditions.

Enrol now if you want to see your teen

Achieve a breakthrough in his/her History and Social Studies

No longer discouraged, demotivated and disillusioned

Believe in his/her ability to do well in his/her studies

Reclaim his/her sense of self-worth, and no longer say, ‘I’m just no good at this.’

Confidently manage his/her own studies, going forward

Enrolment closes when all places are filled, so do it fast.

Enrol Now

As we get quite a number of sign up requests, please allow us 2 to 3 days to confirm your enrolment.
If we happen to be fully booked, we’ll place you on a wait list and inform you once a slot gets freed up.


Got further questions?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have an unanswered question, please feel free to email me at karen@learnmojo.com 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will we get when we sign up for the History and Social Studies Mojo programme?

All these goodies:

  • A revision plan tailored to your child’s goals and the school’s Scheme of Work (regardless of whether your child in is a mainstream school or IP school)
  • LearnMojo’s Source-based and Structure Essay Skills Guides in one place for easy reference to help your child write high-scoring answers
  • Unlimited marked assignments with detailed comments and marks, to help your child track his/her progress and know exactly how to improve (via Google Docs)
  • 1 round of marked corrections for each assignment
  • Up to 2 hrs of support via phone guidance/video conference every month
  • Access to a private online folder containing all guides and assignments
  • Ongoing support via a private Whatsapp chat group, so you’re kept in the loop and can encourage your child too 🙂
Is the History and Social Studies Mojo online coaching programme for all students?

This program is great for students who complete school assignments and are willing to put in 30 minutes to 1 hour every week to do some extra guided practices.

If your child does not complete existing school assignments and is unwilling to do any extra practices, then this programme is not for him/her. You may wish to consider individual home tuition instead. I don’t provide individual home tuition anymore, but feel free to email me if you would like recommendations.

What happens if my child is going through a busy school season and says he/she is unable to complete the planned assignments?

Life does get in way, doesn’t it? You may wish to use this opportunity to guide your child to practice time management, doing the assignment in small 15-minute blocks each day.

If that doesn’t fly, just let me know and we’ll figure out a solution.

Happy students, happy parents

The lessons gave very precise tips and guides on how to properly dissect and answer questions for the exams, which helped save time and confusion when it came to the exams. After each class practice, Mrs Goh would supply individual advice on how to improve when writing answers. The lessons really helped me gain confidence in the subject.

2015 ‘O’ level student



I must thank you profusely for guiding Shivaane in her History and Social Studies without which she wouldn't have done this well for her O levels.

Shivaane’s mum



This class helped me improve my grades tremendously. I am a foreigner, and only entered the Singapore system at the Sec 3 level. I got consistent F9 for a year and a half, but taking this class helped me pull my O level grade to B4 in half a year. I recommend this class to all students who are struggling in Social Studies.

2015 ‘O’ level student



Enrolment closes when all places are filled, so do it fast.

Enrol Now

As we get quite a number of sign up requests, please allow us 2 to 3 days to confirm your enrolment.
If we happen to be fully booked, we’ll place you on a wait list and inform you once a slot gets freed up.


Got further questions?

Email me at karen@learnmojo.com 🙂

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